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Drought Region in U.S. Blessed with Cooler Weather

According to U.S. Officials, recently the drought-stricken Midwest has been blessed with cooler weather and rain showers. And the crop conditions have been largely improved. However the drought is not over.

The U.S. Agriculture Department said in a statement Tuesday that rainfall has been heaviest in the eastern Corn Belt, including Michigan and Ohio, and that nearly all of the Midwest has received some precipitation. The USDA's weekly crop progress report, released Monday, showed crop conditions improved slightly, but that crop ratings remain at their lowest levels since the last serious drought in 1988.

Officials say complete recovery from a drought not only requires the change of seasons, but significant rainfall. The USDA says 59 percent of U.S. rangeland and pastures are rated in very poor to poor condition.


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Unveil U.S. Batesville Agricultural Research Center

U.S. agricultural management system is almost perfect. With the enforcement of new agriculture law and management innovation, the agricultural management system in the US is developing rapidly. Batesville Agricultural Research Center is very helpful.


Applying Flower Inducer to Mango Trees

Simultaneous fruiting is possible nowadays with flower inducer. By spraying it to mango trees, not just more, but bigger fruits are produced.

Potassium nitrate is the generic name of chemical flower inducer in mango, and the chemical symbol for this compound is or KNO;. It contains 13% nitrogen and 46% potash, hence it is also called 13-0-46. KNO supplies the potassium requirement of the tree and in the process, induces flowering.

Another flower inducer used, nowadays is calcium nitrate (CaN). It contains 45% calcium and 15% nitrogen. It is affordable, yet the effect is just the same.


Farm bill still expected

Among Washington’s farm lobbyists there are doubters, but most are expecting the Senate Agriculture Committee to release a draft of a farm bill today ahead of a full committee session to approve it next week.

You can tell that the end of this process is near, by the blizzard of press releases, some approving, some not.

Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group is urging his supporters to write members of Congress to oppose what he calls “the giveaway to Big Ag.”


Rumors in bean market trades

It was rumor day in the beans. Beans found strength as the market started to talk about Brazil halting exports until August. This is just a rumor and there has been no confirmation that this event has happened. Beans ended 8 3/4 higher for the week but finished the day 28 1/2 higher in July. The charts are friendly and with this news today the bulls jumped back in on the long side. The weekly chart posted a strong week and could see us retest the recent highs. This rumor will be talked about again on Monday. The other bullish news for beans continues to be exports.